Best Wedding Day Perfume for Spring Weddings

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The Best Wedding Day Perfume for Your Spring Wedding

One of our five secrets to remember your wedding day is to have a special wedding day perfume. As humans, our memory is linked to our five senses. So, a special scent for a special occasion can link these memories together. This means that a special perfume can actually help you remember more of your wedding day. And for a day that is a wonderfully huge milestone in your life and relationship, we promise you’ll want to remember as much as possible. 

So, we recommend you buy a special perfume to wear on your wedding day so that you can associate that smell with the joy of your day. You can also wear it on anniversaries in the future or when you’re celebrating and you want to add a little more sentimentality to the occasion.

If you invest in a special perfume at the beginning of being a fiancé you can also wear it to your engagement party, touring your venue, dress fittings, and other wedding-related meetings!

It’s just another thing you can do on your wedding day to make it special. And these tips also work for the grooms too!

Chloé Signature is a great Wedding Day Perfume

Chloé Signature

Chloé Signature is a beautiful, fruity, floral fragrance that is made with notes of peony, rose petals, and magnolia. There is also a subtle scent of cedar and ambergris as well. This is a beautiful wedding day perfume for garden weddings with touches of pinks, blush, and whites. 


A beautifully smelling perfume for your Spring wedding day

Maison Margiela Replica

Maison Margiela Replica – Springtime in a Park is an ethereal, whimsical, and dreamy floral scent that is reminiscent of a stroll through a park with cherry blossoms overhead. This perfume is more of a fruity floral fragrance. It is a combination of lily of the valley, green blackcurrant, and pear. 


Gucci Memoire has subtle earthy tones perfect for a garden Wedding Day Perfume

Gucci Memoire

Gucci Memoire is a beautifully aromatic fragrance that is reminiscent of green, herbal, ethereal, and dreamy days. It’s a romantic scent that is long-lasting and perfect for your wedding day perfume. This perfume is a combination of oils and spices and originates from Spain. It has top notes of roman chamomile and bitter almond. Heart notes of jasmine coral, jasmine petals, and musks. And base notes of vanilla, cedar, and sandalwood to give it a subtle touch of earthly smell, perfect for a Spring wedding in Santa Barbara, California.


A great perfume for casual wear and on a wedding day.

Diptyque Philosykos

Diptyque Philosykos is a beautiful light and fresh scent that is absolutely gorgeous. This perfume can be more of a casual fragrance or a dreamy wedding day perfume. It’s made from a blend of fig leaves, wood, and white cedar notes which gives it a refreshing fragrance that makes it perfect for garden venues and private estate weddings.


The best perfume for spring weddings with ocean views

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle is reminiscent of shimmering beaches and is perfect for a ceremony overlooking the ocean. A few of the ingredients consist of Italian bergamot, lily of the valley, lush gardenia, and jasmine. This perfume will complement a wedding day at a private estate overlooking the ocean perfectly. Especially, if there are soft hues of light blue and pastels.

Wedding Day Perfume for Spring Weddings

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