Garden Wedding Venues in Santa Barbara

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12 Gorgeous Venues for Your Garden Wedding

Imagine standing between rows and rows of vineyards as far as the eye can see. Your makeup is done, your hair is pinned, and you’re wearing your wedding dress. You feel like a bride but look like a princess. Your groom has his back to you and is standing a few paces away. You’re too excited to stand still and you’re smiling in anticipation. This is your first look.

Fast forward to your ceremony. You’re standing at the altar under the shade of a large tree. Your family and friends are sitting in beautiful chairs that complement the nature all around. As you exchange rings and hold the hands of your almost-husband you feel a breeze and hear birds chirping their excitement for you nearby. This is the moment. You share your first kiss as husband & wife.

At your reception, you share your first dance under twinkle lights that shine above you. There’s a warm breeze that reminds you of all the summer nights you’ve enjoyed. And how this night is your new favorite. You and your guests are enjoying an alfresco reception and you’ll dance the night away under the stars.

Choosing the Best Garden Wedding Venues in Santa Barbara

Choosing your wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make while wedding planning. And oftentimes your venue will inspire the theme of your wedding day. We believe garden weddings are among the most peaceful weddings in the world. We love them because they don’t require a lot of decor. After all, they’re already gorgeous. And because they are filled with natural light. The most beautiful light that allows us to capture crisp and joyful photos on your wedding day. Romantic portraits of your first minutes as a married couple. Photos that will look beautiful and timeless in your album today, and on your tenth anniversary. Today we want to share our love of these types of venues with a list of some of our favorite garden wedding venues in Santa Barbara.

Villa & Vine is one of many gorgeous Garden Wedding Venues in Santa Barbara, California.

Villa & Vine

Villa & Vine is known for its garden courtyard and its resemblance to a sun-soaked villa in the Riviera. A gorgeous tiled fountain rests in the middle of the courtyard and non-distracting white walls seal off this private venue from life outside. Villa & Vine is located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbra directly across from The Arlington Theatre.

SB Historical Museum

This cultural landmark is also located in downtown Santa Barbara. Multiple fountains and interconnected courtyards add to the spacious feeling you’ll get when touring the venue. A beautiful pergola covered in vines sits on the property and a few large trees offer shade and a gorgeous backdrop to your wedding photos.

The Fess Parker Inn located in Los Olivos, California.

Fess Parker Wine Country Inn and Winery

Located about an hour north of Santa Barbara, the town of Los Olivos has streets lined with wine tasting rooms, boutiques, and cute hotels. On one of those streets sits the Fess Parker Wine Country Inn. A beautiful inn with a unique venue space behind it. Perfect for intimate weddings and small receptions, complete with string lights and a small fountain.

About six miles from Los Olivos built around the hills of the Santa Ynez Mountains the Fess Parker Winery stands between rows and rows of vineyards. Multiple venue spaces are available at the winery and all of them have gorgeous views of the vineyards.

Fess Parker's newest addition to their winery and wedding venue space.

Rodney’s Vineyard

Rodney’s Vineyard is a part of Fess Parker’s property but is located on the hill above overlooking the Oak trees, vines, roses, and winery. The grand opening was in the Fall of 2019, and it’s already one of our favorite garden wedding venues near Santa Barbara. Paths lined with olive trees, a large pond, and romantic portraits between the vineyards and under the strong Oaks. What more can you ask for?

Rancho San Julian in the Santa Ynez Valley

Rancho San Julian

This venue is located on a private working ranch in Santa Barbara county. Some of its most distinguishing features are its space, the field of lavender, the mountain views, and ancient and tall trees. Rancho San Julian is one of the garden wedding venues near Santa Barbara that can accommodate a lot of guests. So, if you’re planning a large wedding or reception, this is the place to check out!

MarFarm is one of a few beautiful Garden Wedding Venues in Santa Barbara


MarFarm is another working ranch complete with llamas, horses, chickens, donkeys, and even a pig! They all have names and are huge crowd pleasers! You and your guests can even feed and love on Daisy the pig. And she LOVES to be pet. MarFarm is best for more intimate weddings and you and a couple of your guests can even stay the night at the venue so you’re ready for your wedding day!

Saarloos and Sons Vineyard is near Santa Barbara, California.

Saarloos & Sons Vineyard

Another gorgeous vineyard located just outside Los Olivos in the Santa Ynez Mountains. There is a small space for you and your bridesmaids to get ready. And you can also spend the night and keep the party going! We love the ambiance of this vineyard and it’s definitely one of our favorite garden wedding venues near Santa Barbara.

The Stow House in Santa Barbara, California.

Rancho La Patera & Stow House

This historic ranch house built in the late 1800s makes for a unique backdrop for your wedding photos. There are numerous paths lined with many types of trees, plants, flowers, and greenery. The amount of growth provides excellent natural light for your photographers and shade for you and your guests.

The sun rays coming through the trees along the back steps of the Villa del Sol d'Oro in Sierra Madre, California

Villa del Sol d’Oro

This private estate holds a very special place in our hearts because it’s where we got married just over three years ago. We have so many fond memories of our wedding day but our first look on the balcony of the villa was our favorite part. We were married under some trees and there was a path lined with cypress trees leading to a fountain in the distance. Our husband and wife portraits were in a field with long grass on the property. And we moved to the courtyard for our alfresco reception under the stars. We loved every minute of our wedding day and we wouldn’t change a thing!

Hidden Oaks Ranch

This charming venue has the unique opportunity to hold multi-day events from the heart of the Santa Barbara foothills. It’s a great spot to host a rehearsal dinner, followed the next day by the wedding ceremony and reception, as well as a brunch the following morning.

The Lavender Marketplace is one of many Garden Wedding Venues in Santa Barbara

Lavender Marketplace

This charming venue is unique, with a garden and conservatory at a historical private home in Sierra Madre, California. It’s perfect for more intimate gatherings and events, and a great spot to be married surrounded by up to 100 of your family and friends. They offer packages for full ceremonies, minimonies, and elopements.

Chene Vineyards is one of many Garden Wedding Venues in Santa Barbara, California.

Chene Vineyards

This beautiful vineyard is just 15 minutes from downtown San Luis Obispo and is the perfect spot for an intimate wedding. The surrounding hills frame the vineyards beautifully, and the whole valley is cast in beautiful colors as the sun begins to set. This VRBO also hosts 6 guests overnight so the celebrations of your wedding night can continue into the morning!

Micro Wedding Venues in Santa Barbara

If you’re on the search for a wedding venue and you’re having trouble finding the perfect one, check out this blog of romantic micro wedding venues in Santa Barbara. These venues are the perfect size for socially distant wedding days and they are just as beautiful as the venues on this post. Additionally, here are some wonderful places for your loved ones to stay while they celebrate your micro wedding in Santa Barbara!

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