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Ellwood Bluffs Trail Engagement

John twirling Katharine during their Ellwood Bluffs Trail Engagement session.

Katharine & John | Santa Barbara Engagement Session Rays of sunlight flashed through the leaves of the Eucalyptus trees lining the trails as the four of us walked further into the woods. Along the trail, we noticed a few birds perched atop fallen trees, chirping their songs and enjoying the shade from the branches overhead. […]


Santa Barbara Sailboat Engagement

Daisha & Jonny | Santa Barbara Sailboat Engagement We always encourage our J&S couples to think outside the box when thinking of a location for their engagement session, to think of a place that is unique to them or only a select few have access to. Or something that speaks to them, their lifestyle, and […]


Mellon Park Engagement

Shauni & Greg | Pittsburgh PA Mellon Park Engagement The sound of an early morning alarm, two flights, and several hours later we were holding our breath and tiptoeing excitedly through the door of a house built over 100 years ago. We had just arrived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to surprise one of our favorite people in […]


Santa Barbara Courthouse Engagement

Erica & Gideon | Santa Barbara Courthouse Engagement The sun was still high in the cloudless sky above the Santa Barbara Courthouse. Tourists walked along the sidewalks and property slowly, with phones in hand taking photos of the American Riviera architecture. Under the large archway, well-dressed guests engage in excited chatter eagerly waiting for the […]


Bishop’s Peak Engagement

 Kat & Brett | Bishop’s Peak Engagement Oak trees are one of the most beloved trees in the world. They symbolize strength, endurance, longevity, and patience. It takes a lot of strength and endurance to grow and develop into something that can be a symbol of these things. An oak tree battles through all seasons. […]


Ellwood Mesa Engagement

Julie & Joe standing next to each other closely during their Ellwood Mesa engagement session.

Julie & Joe | Ellwood Mesa Engagement First date coffee shop vibes (you know the ones), not so great second dates, and technology having a mind of its own. Multiple cities across California’s beautiful landscapes, and even a job offering on the other side of the country. Julie & Joe’s relationship was strengthened through all […]


Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara Proposal

A couple at the Bacara, one of our favorite Santa Barbara Engagement Session Locations

 Megan & Erik | Santa Barbara Bacara Proposal On the bluffs above Haskell’s Beach crouching deep within the bushes, we waited. Days ago we received a call from Erik who was planning on surprising the love of his life during their trip to Santa Barbara from San Diego! With cameras in our hands, we watched […]


Montaña de Oro Engagement

 Lauren & Scott | Montaña de Oro Engagement We heard a beautiful story, and it goes a little something like this. Walking along the beautiful Montaña de Oro Bluffs Trail Lauren & Scott, along with her mom, could feel the wind on their faces, and the salt in the air. They stared out across the […]


Lake Arrowhead Engagement

Abby & Rothwell smiling at the camera during their Lake Arrowhead Engagement session.

Abby & Rothwell | Lake Arrowhead Engagement When we learned that Abby & Rothwell had gotten engaged at Lake Arrowhead we were trying to find a location in Santa Barbara with a similar woodsy feel. We didn’t have much luck because Santa Barbara is a beach town and although we love it for that, it’s […]

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