A Santa Barbara Proposal

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Marissa & Matthew | Santa Barbara Proposal

As the sun dipped lower in the sky and the shadows grew longer on the ground, we waited. Hiding behind a few cacti and bushes next to a path at the Ritz Carlton Bacara we held our breath. We eagerly awaited a couple, our couple, to walk down the path we were watching. The path that overlooked the ocean and its waves. A long dock could be seen far away in the distance. We knew that this location was perfect for a Santa Barbara proposal.

Soon, a couple began to walk our way. We continued to hold our breath while hiding and preparing to capture the moment Matthew had been planning for over a month. They slowly walked into position. And as they stood there quietly, they held each other close and stared out across the endless ocean. And then the signal came. Matthew hugged his girlfriend for the last time and dropped to his knee.

Matthew hugged his girlfriend for the last time and dropped to his knee.

Surprise, hugs, kisses, joyful yeses, and more hugs. Cheers filled the air from behind us as guests of the Bacara realized a Santa Barbara proposal was happening in front of them. After starting out as friends and dating for years, Marissa & Matthew are now engaged and planning their next adventure. As they basked in the joy of their recent engagement we guided them around the Bacara to our favorite spots to take their first engagement photos. 

Marissa & Matthew, we loved documenting this special milestone in your relationship, and are so excited to see where it takes you next. We hope you have a wonderful time in Santa Barbara enjoying your trip as fiancés! Congratulations again, we are so excited for you to begin this new chapter in your lives together!

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