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Jocelyn + Spencer provide each of their clients with an intentional and individualized experience to produce imagery that will stand the test of time.

They believe that for those willing to take a step into the moment, they will experience everything more vividly than they would have imagined.

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imagery that draws you back in

I. Taking in the smell of his cologne when he leans in for a kiss

 They devote themselves to using your time together, to give you the space and comfort to truly treasure your day as if you were looking back at it from tomorrow.

one feeling at a time

iI. Hearing a chorus of clinking glasses surrounded by laughter

III. Watching your grandparents slow dance at the end of the night

IV. Seeing a tear run down his cheek as he sees you for the first time

jocelyn + spencer are experts at photographing the moments you’ll want to remember.

"together, we believe There is a unique joy in marrying your best friend.

marriage is one of the greatest joys we’ve ever been given.

'They allowed us to feel relaxed in front of the camera which translated to beautiful and timeless pictures.'

Brandy & George

-Jocelyn and Spencer

She appreciates every couple’s unique story and admires how it unfolds throughout their day, in ways big and small. Her focus is on empowering clients and giving them the space to feel comfortable, confident, and at ease.

Jocelyn is a calming presence of encouragement fulfilled by moments of deep connection. 

His desire to make each couple feel known for their unique story comes from his interest in getting to know what inspires them about each other. His passion lies in his appreciation for celebration.

Spencer brings a lighthearted and gentle presence to each wedding day.

our wedding offerings