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On our wedding day, we had family gathered from all across the country and we ourselves traveled from a state away. It was the pinnacle of our love story. Everything we could have ever imagined, everything we’d hoped and dreamed was finally happening.

In the evening after the sun had set we stopped for a moment during the reception to take in the cool evening air and string lights above us. The sounds of music, laughter, and celebration from all of our loved ones and the smiles on their faces. And it was the presence of that moment that allows us to recall it so vividly years later.

Every story is photographed with love, care, and expertise.

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During the shooting process, Jocelyn is a calming presence of encouragement. Her ability to set a couple at ease shows in the images produced. She is diligent in finding the best light and most flattering conditions so each couple can feel comfortable and confident. Her temperament and consistent eye for detail allows each couple to feel like their unique selves in their images.



Spencer brings a lighthearted and gentle presence to each wedding day, coupled with a deep joy for capturing candid sentimental moments as they unfold. His desire to make each couple feel known for their unique story comes from his interest in getting to know what inspires them about each other. His passion lies in his appreciation for celebration, and highlighting the excitement of wonderful moments.




The Johnsons

There is a unique joy in marrying your best friend, and we believe our marriage is one of the greatest joys we’ve ever been given. We believe love is a gift and the ultimate legacy to leave future generations. Our desire is to connect and surround ourselves with couples that value marriage and relationships as much as we do. And to spread joy through the photos we take and the experience we give to those couples.



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