Setting up an Amazon Wedding Registry

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What is a Wedding Registry?

A wedding registry is a list of items, products, and gifts that an engaged couple wants or needs to start their married lives together. The goal of a registry is to make gift-giving easier, simplified, and more efficient for guests and loved ones. Usually, the registry is set up at multiple stores and is put together by the engaged couple. However, now you can save time traveling to different stores and set up an Amazon wedding registry. 

Should I Sign up for an Amazon Wedding Registry?

Yes, of course, you should sign up! Mainly because everything you can imagine needing to start your married lives together is already on Amazon. Additionally, anything you include on your Amazon wedding registry will be shipped directly to your home if purchased. An Amazon wedding registry is an especially great idea if you’re having a destination wedding. The last thing you’d want is to try to pack a bunch of gifts into a suitcase in hopes of everything making it home in one piece.

Creating Your Amazon Wedding Registry

The steps to set up an Amazon wedding registry are simple and straightforward. You’ll be ready to start adding to it in no time!

To create your wedding registry:

  1. Go to the Amazon Wedding Registry Portal.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Select Create My Registry.
  4. Select Submit.

What to Add to Your List

One of our favorite memories while planning our wedding was going to different stores to add things to our wedding registry. Not because we were excited and hoping to get all of the things, but because we had fun envisioning our future using these things together.

Most of the items that we had on our registry are things we still use today. One of them is a tent that we’ve used multiple times in multiple states and plan to continue using for all of our foreseeable camping trips. We also asked for a record player that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker. We are constantly listening to music, dancing around to our favorite records. And to top it off, we even have our first dance song on a record that is basically on repeat!

We’ve listed some things to include on your wedding registry below, but keep in mind that your registry doesn’t have to only be items and products. You can leave a section open for experience-based adventures or a date night fund, for example. 

A crockpot is a must have on your Amazon wedding registryA Brita water filter has changed our life and we absolutely recommend you add one to your Amazon wedding registryCooking is a breeze with sharp cutlery. Make sure to add some knives to your Amazon wedding registryAn inflatable mattress is great for camping and for guests at your new home. Add one to your Amazon wedding registryYou can't go wrong including a Pressure Cooker on your Amazon wedding registry A cast iron skillet can make the most delicious food and it's so easy to clean. Don't forget to add one to your Amazon wedding registry Board games are a fantastic way to pass the time. Make sure to add a couple to your Amazon wedding registry  

Sharing Your List with Loved Ones

Now that you have your wedding registry set up on Amazon and you’ve added to it the next thing you need to do is share the list with your guests and loved ones. If you’ve created a wedding website for your wedding most times you can add your newly created Amazon wedding registry to it. This is helpful because it keeps everything organized and in one place. 

To share your list:

  1. Go to your Wedding Registry.
  2. Go to Menu and select Share Your Wedding Registry.
  3. Select how you want to share it.

One of the best things about an Amazon wedding registry is that when an item is purchased you’ll know it. This is great so you can keep track of what you’re getting and can start your thank you letters early!

If you’d like to see more of our favorite items to add to your wedding registry check out this blog: Wedding Registry Ideas.

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