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Five Secrets for Remembering Your Wedding Day

If you’re planning your wedding, or you’ve been around someone planning their wedding, you’ve probably heard this before: it’s going to be a blur. It’ll be over before you know it, and you won’t remember a thing! We’ve heard it all too. But we don’t believe it has to be that way. We believe you can remember your wedding day if you take a few seconds throughout your day to pause and soak it all in. We’ve compiled an easy list of five secrets for remembering your wedding day, and our hope is that you do remember your wedding day, because it’s going to be one of the best days ever (or the best day of your life!).


An invitation suite and engagement ring with wedding band. All of these photos are secrets for remembering your wedding day

Plan Ahead

We know from planning our own wedding that there are SO many things to keep track of. But one thing that kept us sane/going was remembering the reason why we were planning. At the end of it all, we knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives with the person we love.

One of our secrets for remembering your wedding day is to plan ahead. Plan now, so that you’re not stuck planning on your wedding day. Write your vows ahead of time. Gather all of your details and set them in one spot for your photographer. Meet with your wedding planner a couple of days prior to your wedding day so everyone is on the same page. We promise you’ll want to be present on your wedding day, spending all of your time with the amazing group of family and friends that have gathered to celebrate you, beginning your legacy of love. Plan now, so you won’t stress then!


Michael turning around to see his bride, Elizabeth for the first time on their wedding day. We encourage our brides to smell their flowers as one of our secrets for remembering your wedding day.

Pause. Breathe. Listen.

This is your wedding day! You’ve planned this day for months, if not years. It’s easy to get caught up in the timeline and rush of your day. There are so many people who will want to see you and give you a hug. And there’s not one wedding (literally) we’ve been to where the bride didn’t stop midway through the morning and have a little moment of shock with how quickly it’s already going!

But it’s important to take a moment to pause, breathe, and listen. You can do this at any part of your wedding day, even if it’s only for 30 seconds at a time. Hear the music and the laughter of your family. See the joy and the decorations you planned. Remember to taste your food and drinks. Pause, breathe, and listen. Soak in the special moments of your wedding day. Believe us, you’re going to want to remember the day you married your best friend.


Brandi smelling her bouquet of flowers as one of our secrets for remembering your wedding day.

Smell Your Flowers

Smelling your bouquet is another one of our secrets for remembering your wedding day. The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. So, we like to encourage our couples to pause and smell their bouquet during times they want to remember something important.

Some of our favorite moments for you to smell your bouquet is before your first look, before you walk down the aisle, and before your grand entrance. Pausing to take a deep breath of something that is unique to your wedding day will ground you and will help these memories stick with you for years to come. When you’re sitting with your husband and holding his hand, smell your flowers. When you’re watching your parents and their parents on the dance floor, smell your flowers. We promise these are the things you’ll want to remember forever. And these are the kinds of moments that will stay with you if you take the time to savor them.


The decor at Villa & Vine, or your wedding venue is something you'll want to remember. Read on for our secrets for remembering your wedding day.

Trust Your Team

One of our last secrets of remembering your wedding day is to trust your team. You hand chose them to design, implement, and capture your day in all of its splendor. And they know that. You are their main priority and you’re in good hands. Don’t worry about your dream team, instead, be present on your wedding day. Set down your phone and enjoy getting ready with your besties. Play games, talk, but most of all, enjoy the time you have with the people you love.


Angela & Kevan at their Villa & Vine wedding reception.


Let It Be

We all dream of the perfect wedding day. The day that the forest animals will transform you into a princess to marry your prince charming. And sometimes, wedding days go exactly like that. And it’s wonderful! But sometimes they don’t. And you know what? They are still wonderful! As one of our favorite bands of all time says, let it be. Your wedding day is special because it’s yours. Your husband, your family, your legacy of love is just starting. So whatever happens, whether it’s perfect, or maybe a little less than ideal. Let it be, and savor the day that you married your best friend.

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