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An image of two wedding albums with some lavender and ribbon.

Your First Heirloom

We believe your wedding photos deserve a home that will last longer than the car in your driveway. A home that will keep them safe and protected as you move into your first home together. An album that you’ll take with you as you grow your family.

We know your album is for you, but we believe it’s for your children and the generations that come after you.

Can you remember looking through your parent’s or grandparent’s wedding album? Or, now that you’re engaged, have you looked through them recently? We’re assuming if you haven’t, it’s probably been mentioned, and they’re setting up the plans to show you soon. And that’s because there’s something powerful about seeing and holding the images from your wedding day in print, in an album.

Technology changes quickly, but your album is timeless

When was the last time you looked at that album you put on Facebook from that summer you were in high school? It’s probably been a while. Probably because you don’t see it very often, which means you don’t think about it. It’s out of sight and out of mind. But that’s the thing, your memories deserve to be in sight and in mind. Especially memories that have defined your life and helped create the person you are today. The person that is now married to the love of their life.

Don’t get us wrong, online albums and photos are incredible! We LOVE being able to share photos with friends and family. But once we share them, we tend to forget about them. And the last thing we want is for something as special as your wedding photos to be seen once and then forgotten and hidden under a clutter of posts and memes. We want your photos to be available and seen and remembered in a book that will last for generations.

Three albums stacked on their spines next to each other to show size differences. A second image of three wedding albums with a strand of lavender on the top book.

Your wedding album will be a flush mount album, which means that your images will be printed directly onto the pages and can go across the center seam of your book without any gaps. Each page is strong and thick and built to last. Your album will be built using the latest in bookbinding technology so you know it will be around for each anniversary you celebrate.


An image of three albums showing the page thickness of each.

Size Options

10×10 – Most of our clients prefer starting with a 10×10. It’s a great size and displays your images beautifully. Our couples find that the 10×10 looks great on their coffee tables and it doesn’t feel too big or cumbersome to pick up and enjoy looking through.


Angela & Kevan's Villa & Vine Wedding album with florals, and a second image of a stack of three albums on a coffee table in front of a couch.


12×12 – If you’d like, you can choose to upgrade your album to the larger 12×12 size. With this size, the images inside are 40% larger than in the 10×10, and our couples that do this LOVE the bigger size of their images. This size album can open into a full 12×24 print, which means it has the ability to really bring your wedding images to life in a big and beautiful design.

An image showing the size difference of three different albums.

Cover Options

We want to keep this process simple for you, so for the cover of your wedding album you just need to decide between leather or linen.

We use 100% natural, Italian leathers so your album will feel as good as it looks. The leather is selected for its exceptional texture, strength, and durability so your album will last for generations to come. 

The layered weaves of the linen highlight the craftsmanship and beauty of your album. They are perfect for soft garden wedding days and yet, still sophisticated for private estate weddings.

Once you’ve approved your design and are ready to order, we are more than happy to help you choose the perfect cover that matches the style and theme of your day, perfectly.


Paper Options

Your images will be printed directly onto the pages of your album on Lustre paper. This is a classic and traditional type of paper that has a sharp, bright, and true to life feel so it’s perfect for colorful or outdoor weddings and will showcase your wedding images beautifully. Most likely, any professional print you’ve seen has been on Lustre paper.

An image of an album on its spine showing the page thickness of each of the albums pages.


Parent Albums

Our most popular add-on with our photography collections are parent albums. These are duplicates of your wedding album, with the same cover and paper options, and the same image design inside. It’s just a smaller book for your parents to have and cherish.

Our parent albums begin at 8×8, but many of our parents choose to upgrade to a 10×10 so they can have bigger images on the inside. We’re also happy to create custom designs for parents, so don’t hesitate to ask!


Linen Dust Cover

We LOVE showing off our album to everyone that comes to visit. It’s our favorite thing in our living room, but we also want to protect it. We can imagine you’ll feel the same way about your first heirloom, so we include a soft linen dust cover with each album so it can be safe and protected when you’re not looking through it.

We can create an album for any of our couples or parents at any time. Even if we’ve already photographed your wedding! Feel free to contact us here if you’d like to order your own! 

We can’t wait to get your wedding album in your hands so you can start reliving your wedding day again and again.

Jocelyn & Spencer

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