Secrets for Pinterest-Worthy Getting Ready Photos

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Imagine picking up your wedding album on your one month anniversary of getting married. You open your book to the first couple of pages, and you see a photo of you and your bridesmaids. Natural light is pouring into the room where the photos were taken casting an almost angelic light on all of you. Everyone’s hair and makeup are done and they’re wearing the matching robes monogrammed with their initials that you got them.

As you look to the next page you’re reminded of how diligently you searched to find the perfect color bridesmaids dresses to complement your wedding day. A smile forms on your face as you see the photo of your cinderella moment. The moment all of your girls are around you fluffing your dress, giggling with you, and making you feel like the Disney princess you are. You remember seeing your mom wiping her eyes as she sees her beautiful daughter fully dressed in a beautiful gown moments before seeing your groom for the first time that day.

These are the moments we want you to remember a month after your wedding day when flipping through your album. And because we believe your getting ready photos deserve a place in your wedding album we’ve written this blog with a list of our best secrets for Pinterest-worthy getting ready photos!

Find a Location with Plenty of Natural Light

Do you want clear, clean, and crisp photos of your wedding day? Of course you do! Having plenty of natural light is key for creating moments that look and feel timeless. So if it’s possible, find a location with large windows that let in a lot of light to get ready. If that’s not possible, we can always bring you to a balcony or outside away from others so you still have privacy and so your groom won’t see you!

Make Space and Clear the Clutter

Sometimes getting ready rooms have a ton of space and huge windows that let in a lot of natural light. Other times, they’re a bit smaller and there might be a bed in the middle of the room. Although the bed is great for a few photos, having a simple backdrop is more ideal. If there isn’t enough space in your getting ready room, we can always move to a patio or courtyard outside. Another secret for Pinterest-worthy getting ready photos is to designate a corner or side room to be the place for all bags and belongings. This way your photos can remain clean and classy without luggage or bags piled in the background.

Dress your Bridesmaids and Mom First

We know you’re excited and eager to get into the wedding dress you fell in love with and can’t wait to show your groom. However, we would encourage you to get dressed last. Letting your bridesmaids and mom go through hair and makeup first means that they can get into their bridal gown first. And this is perfect because when you’re slipping into your dress they’ll look beautiful and ready for the day instead of being in a robe or looking out of place. We wouldn’t want the focus to be taken away from you on your wedding day. Especially during the first few minutes when you’ve just finished putting on your dress!


Make it Personalized and Remove Unnecessary Accessories

Monogrammed matching robes, writing individual letters to each of your girls, custom champagne glasses, there are so many special things you can do. And whatever you do, make it yours! It’s your wedding day and your time with the girls.

Also, removing anything that you won’t be wearing to the ceremony will keep your photos timeless and classy from the beginning of your day to the very end! Extra hair ties and watches are super helpful most of the time, but you’re probably not going to need them on your wedding day!

Bring a Steamer

Break out the steamer! This one is SO important! Can you imagine your venue is gorgeous, your guests are dressed immaculately, your groom’s tux is pressed and ironed and all of a sudden you see wrinkles in your dresses? Not the best for Pinterest-worthy wedding photos! And we’re not picking on you or your bridesmaids! It’s just that the ladies typically have all of their wedding attire weeks or months before the wedding day, whereas the guys get their stuff days before.

Mom’s have been watching out for their children since the beginning and a wedding day is no different. At almost every wedding we’ve photographed, the moms are usually there with a steamer just doing what mom’s do. Shout out to every mom who brings a steamer to their children’s wedding day. We just want to take a minute to appreciate you right here!

Enjoy Yourself and have fun

This is your wedding day. Embrace the awkwardness, the giggles, and soak in the music that’s maybe too loud. Enjoy the time you have with just the girls. Reminisce about all the fun times you’ve had. Drink the champagne and get ready to marry your groom! We hope our best secrets for Pinterest-worthy getting ready photos have been helpful! If you want to remember as much as possible when you’re getting ready and of your entire wedding day, check out this blog post we wrote about savoring your wedding day.

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