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Why we Needed Thrive and Why You Need it Too

We thought 2020 would be our year. Goals were made and we outlined how we would achieve them. We were ready. Things had never felt so good in our business lives before. We felt confident that this would be the year that we broke all of our previous records. Our income goals, productivity, client experience, everything was going to get a major overhaul and we were pumped about it. 

Does this sound familiar?

But then March came. California was shut down. The majority of our clients rescheduled or wanted to change their collections. We were stopped cold. All of the goals that we had made two months prior felt like they were immediately destroyed.

You’ve probably experienced something just similar. But we found hope just a few weeks later. After we picked ourselves up, still during the constant state of overwhelm we decided to sign up for the Youngren’s Thrive Business Intensive course. Within two weeks of starting the course, we made new goals and a new schedule. We were on a separate set of tracks, but we were back on track to break our previous records.

Since we started the Youngrens course in April we

  • Found our ideal client
  • Rebranded our website, social media, and marketing materials
  • Designed, printed, and sent out copies of our Bridal Guide – something we’d never had before
  • Leveled up our client experience
  • Created a manageable schedule that we’re still following months later

Who is The Youngrens Thrive Business Intensive For?

Are you feeling lost or without a vision for your business?

If you had the right steps or the right teachers, could your business be everything you’ve always dreamt it to be?

Do you want to have a system that you can count on during a global pandemic?

Do you want to feel control and like a CEO in your own business?

Then the Youngren’s Thrive Business Intensive is absolutely 100% made for you. 

The Youngrens Thrive Business Intensive is for the serious business entrepreneur ready to level up their business. It’s for the individuals that want to become a better version of themselves for their family and their clients. It’s for the business owner that is ready to stop rolling with the punches and instead start dodging them entirely.

This course is as equally important for new business owners just starting their journey into photography as it is for the business owner celebrating their 10th year in business.

Hear it from the source! Sign up for a free webinar from the Youngrens

What Will You Learn in The Youngrens Thrive Business Intensive?

You’ll learn how to plan ahead in a way that actually will get you ahead. Jeff and Erin will share everything they know without holding anything back. They gave us the tools, processes, and new habits that we need to accomplish our business goals. 

Jeff & Erin gave us a vision for our professional lives that we had never imagined OR thought possible – we seriously had no idea what we were missing! They have truly changed our business lives – and through that, our personal lives – for the better.

And we’re sure that they’ll give you the same experience. We started the course in April, finished in June, and we are still using the same tools and processes that we learned at the beginning of the year. 

The things Jeff & Erin teach will stick with you, multiply, and only get better from there.

Ready to Level Up Your Business?


What is it like Learning From The Youngrens?

If we had to sum up the learning experience we had with Jeff and Erin into a couple of words, it would be easy, engaging, and fun. 

Not only are they incredible photographers, but they are incredible business owners. If you’re looking to build a business that is sustainable, successful, and transformational to even your personal life then Jeff & Erin can help get you there. Of course, the material they teach requires dedication and hard work, but what good and worthwhile thing doesn’t? Jeff and Erin are dedicated to your success and they show it every step of the way.


Is The Youngren’s Thrive Business Intensive Really Worth it?

In short, yes absolutely! This eight-week intensive was the BEST eight weeks of our business’s life. If you’re a newer business owner just starting to build your business and you want to build a successful and thriving business the right way the first time, the investment in Thrive Business Intensive is worth every penny!

If you’re a seasoned business owner, we guarantee that this course will still give you a vision for your business that you’ve never thought of. It will also give you the tools and processes you never thought you needed, but once you have, you’ll never believe you went so long without them.

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around for a while, the Youngren’s Thrive Business Intensive has something for everyone.

If you could build your business to be successful and sustainable the first time, why wouldn’t you?

Are you Ready to Build a Business You Love?


Waitlists and Free Tools From The Youngrens

The Youngren’s Thrive Business Intensive is only open for enrollment at certain times throughout the year so Jeff & Erin can give their undivided attention to their student’s success. If you’d like to sign up for the waitlist, you can do that here.

If you’d like to get an idea of what learning from The Youngrens is like, check out these tools they’ve given us permission to share with you!




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