Wedding Registry Ideas

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Wedding Registry Ideas

A wedding registry is a great way to let your guests and loved ones know what you want or need to start your new married lives together. If you’re planning a destination wedding, an online wedding registry like Amazon is the best way to accept gifts. The items that are purchased will be sent directly to your home so you don’t have to worry about getting them from your destination location to your home. We hope this post of wedding registry ideas will inspire you in creating your own list!

If you’re recently engaged and setting up a wedding registry we’d recommend looking at this blog post to create an Amazon wedding registry first. After your wedding registry is set up come back to this post for some wedding registry ideas of what to add to your list. And if you already have a wedding registry set up, here’s a list of some of our favorite things to add to yours!

An espresso maker is one of our wedding registry ideas

Espresso Machine

This is by far our all-time favorite espresso machine. It’s an upfront investment but absolutely worth the cost. We love being able to share all kinds of coffee and espresso with our friends on game nights and although it’s cliche, we have pretty much stopped going to Starbucks. 

Kitchen Aid's can come in a variety of colors and make for great wedding gifts.

Kitchen aid

If you find yourself making cookies, or are even imagining wanting to make coffees for your kids, friends, and family, this kitchen aid makes it easy. There are different colors to choose from so you’ll be sure to find something that matches your taste.

Picnic Basket for Future Dates

This one is maybe a bit more unconventional, but in a time where everything is so fast-paced, we love packing a lunch, heading to the beach or a park, and enjoying a picnic lunch. It’s a great way to connect with each other and an evening picnic can be quite romantic!

Vase for Future Bouquets

Another one of our wedding registry ideas is a nice vase. A vase can go a long way in making a bouquet of flowers look outstanding. And it’s the perfect thing to add to your registry to hold all of your future anniversary bouquets! 

A record player and it's stand is one of our favorite wedding registry ideas

Record Player and Stand

To this day our record player is one of the most used items that we had on our Amazon wedding registry. It doubles as a Bluetooth speaker so we can connect our phones and listen to music all throughout our home. We were also given a record that has our first dance song on it, so it’s definitely our most played record.

Keurig with Frother

For all the cups of coffee, hot chocolate, and tea that you could ever need, especially if you love coffee, but are looking for something to do the work for you. This Keurig got us through cold and rainy winters in Oregon and gave us the kick start we really needed most mornings. It’s also a great option for making a delicious iced coffee topped with freshly frothed milk or creamer!

Framing photos from your wedding day is important.          Picture frames are important and one of our favorite wedding registry ideas

Picture Frames for Wedding Your Engagement Photos

We love these gold frames and have 12 of them on one wall in our home. They are a great size for wedding and engagement photos, but of course, they can be interchangeable for all of life’s adventures. Even just a few can absolutely spruce up a blank canvas in your new home!


An Ember Mug for Each of You

These mugs are so much more than ordinary mugs. They are by far the best mugs we’ve had and we use them nearly every day. We absolutely recommend an ember mug for each of you.

This robot vacuum has saved us so much time in cleaning every week which makes it one of our favorite wedding registry ideas

Robot Vacuum

Our smallest robot friend keeps our home’s floors clean without much work needed from us. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference and we can’t imagine a life without a robot vacuum now that we have one. We love that it tackles pet hair, carpet, and wood floors, charges itself, and connects with Alexa. 

Life is so much better with an Airfryer and a perfect wedding registry ideas

Air Fryer

Trader Joe’s hashbrowns in an air fryer is our go-to meal for breakfast. It also makes incredible chicken, fries, and pizza rolls. We’ve also heard great things about air-fried ice cream, but haven’t tried it yet. And an extra bonus, this one works with Alexa & Google Assistant!

A cocktail shelf is a fantastic wedding registry idea

Cocktail Shelf

The perfect shelf for all of your favorite bottles, cocktail-making equipment, and more. We like it for the aesthetic that it brings into our kitchen but of course, it’s also handy in that our cocktail equipment matches perfectly!

Wedding Registry Ideas Final Thoughts

We hope the items on this list have inspired you to create your own wedding registry on Amazon. We hope you enjoy finding things that you will use throughout your lives together as a married couple!

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