Our Favorite Stores to Buy Black Wedding Dresses

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Our Favorite Stores to Buy Black Wedding Dresses

Ever since we watched Christine Quinn get married on Selling Sunset we’ve fallen in love with the idea of a black wedding dress. Although black wedding dresses aren’t too common, there are many different styles being made. The traditional colors of white and ivory are still seen most often, but if you’d like to make your wedding unique you can always wear a black wedding dress.

What does a black wedding dress mean?

Black may seem like an odd color to wear as a bride since it’s essentially the opposite of white, the most common color to wear on your wedding day. However, black wedding dresses are becoming more popular and they’re probably here to stay. When you think of the color black combined with events you might think of a classy and well-dressed crowd like at the Oscars. Black is normally seen as a color of elegance and can represent power, wealth, mystery, and sophistication.

Can a bride wear a black wedding dress?

Of course, a bride can wear a black wedding dress! Black wedding dresses can be just as timeless and elegant as white wedding dresses. There are some superstitions about bad luck when wearing certain colors on your wedding day. However, we’re firm believers that the quality of your communication in your relationship will have a far greater impact on your marriage than the colors that you wear on your wedding day. Additionally, Sarah Jessica Parker wore a black wedding dress to her wedding in 1997 and she’s still married! So, it could just be that black wedding dresses have their own version of luck.

The Shops

Pronovias is an incredible bridal company in the wedding gown world. They even have a special selection of wedding dresses in black curated just for you.


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Strike Bridal Bar is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and they pride themselves on having a laid-back luxury experience while searching for and trying on your dream dresses. The styles available at Strike Bridal Bar are sure to be unique and something you haven’t seen before!


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French Knot Couture is located in Seattle and started as an Etsy shop, but soon became a modern bridal shop. They are known for their very popular black wedding dresses.


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Oscar de la Renta is probably a name you’ve heard once or twice and for good reason. They have an incredible selection of wedding gowns and you’re sure to find one you love!


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