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A List of Santa Barbara Date Ideas

One of the biggest blessings in life is to have a partner that loves you. A friend that is always by your side through all the wonders and challenges that life brings. And someone that you love going on adventures and spending time with. We believe that going on dates is a crucial part of a healthy relationship both before marriage and during. And because of this belief, we’ve put together this list of Santa Barbara date ideas because we know that sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a date night plan. So, if you’re in the area and you’re looking for date ideas in Santa Barbara we hope you’ll give this list a shot and enjoy reconnecting with each other while being present and enjoying a romantic and fun experience together.

wine tasting is one of our great Santa Barbara Date Ideas

Wine tasting at Sunstone Winery

If you’re looking for a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere to be present with each other there is no better place than the Sunstone Winery. This place is essentially heaven on earth and we visit as often as we can. The light gray gravel, olive trees, and lavender, combined with a gentle breeze and a variety of wines are basically the best of our Santa Barbara date ideas. This is the number one experience we recommend all of our clients try and we’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do. 

bicycling around town is a great Santa Barbara Date Ideas

A Touristy Stroll Down State Street

Taking a slow stroll down State Street can be an enjoyable date-like experience and if you haven’t been in a while or it’s your first time, checking out some of the shops along the way can be a lot of fun. As you get closer to the ocean we’d recommend stopping in for a cocktail at Shaker Mill or a craft beer at Institution Ale. 


Catch a Concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl

The Santa Barbara Bowl is an outdoor concert hall and it’s kind of treated like a secret even though some major artists come by occasionally. It is near downtown so you can grab dinner, a cocktail, or dessert and then head straight to the bowl. It’s a beautiful space and definitely worth checking out if an artist you like is playing there. 

Raspberries and blueberries at the berry farm.

Berry Picking at Santa Barbara Blueberries

Another one of our Santa Barbara date ideas is berry picking at Santa Barbara Blueberries. As the farm’s name suggests, you can pick blueberries but they also have raspberries and blackberries to pick as well. Whichever berry you pick will be dependent on the season and what is growing. We’d recommend calling ahead to make sure the berries you’d like to pick are in season before making the drive. They also have a great shop with desserts, honey, and clothing to remember your berry-picking experience.

Recreate your First Date

Another one of our Santa Barbara date ideas that can be fun and romantic is recreating your first date. Even if your first date didn’t take place in Santa Barbara you can probably recreate enough of the experience to enjoy it!


Drive-in Movie at West Wind Drive-In

One of our absolute favorite Santa Barbara date ideas is to watch a movie at the West Wind Drive-In. This experience is great for so many reasons and can be done throughout any season. If you have an SUV or truck we’d recommend putting the back seats down or setting up some blankets in the bed so you can stretch out and cuddle while watching the movie. And of course, make sure to bring a radio to tune in to the right channel unless you plan to stay in your car. 

A couple on a beach celebrating their engagement with one of our Santa Barbara Date Ideas

Schedule a Couple’s Session

Scheduling a couples photography session can be a lot of fun. Of course, you’ll get the photos to remember your time together, but it’s also a great time to be present with each other without any distractions and to fall in love all over again. To top it all off, we’d recommend finishing the night well by going on a date since you’ll be all dressed up anyway. A couples session at Santa Barbara Sailing is always a great idea!

Ice cream at Stearns Wharf

Walking or driving out to the end of Stearns Wharf is another great Santa Barbara date idea. If you’ve already had dinner, ice cream on the wharf with views of the setting sun and harbor is the perfect way to end the night. 

A couple during their sunset cruise. One of our favorite Santa Barbara Date Ideas

Sunset Cruise with Santa Barbara Sailing

One of the most romantic ways to end a night is on a sunset cruise with Santa Barbara Sailing. This is one of our favorite Santa Barbara date ideas and we try to go as often as possible. There’s something so perfect about being out at sea being rocked with the waves when the sun sets. Additionally, you can purchase wine on the boat to enjoy along the way.

A Romantic Picnic

There are so many great parks in Santa Barbara to enjoy a picnic with the love of your life. One of our favorites is Alice Keck Park. You’ll be surrounded by beautiful flowers and tall trees that provide lots of shade, and there are usually geese and ducks eating the grass and swimming in the pond. If you’re lucky, you’ll even be able to spot a few turtles lounging about on the rocks.

If you’d prefer to picnic above the waves there are some great cliffs at Ellwood Bluffs and the Douglas Family Preserve. The sunset is also beautiful from both of these locations if you decide to plan your romantic picnic for later in the evening. 


Places to Stay while you try out these Santa Barbara Date Ideas

If you’re planning a trip to the Santa Barbara area and are in need of some housing recommendations, check out this blog full of some of the best couples and group VRBO’s in the area.


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