Zaca Creek Ranch Wedding Venue

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Zaca Creek Ranch | A Buellton Wedding Venue

Zaca Creek Ranch is a unique country setting for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other indoor and outdoor events located 40-minutes northeast of Santa Barbara, California.

A gravel road about a mile in length leads to the barn from the highway. A variety of wildlife and farm animals can be seen as you make the drive to the main attraction near the tops of the surrounding hills.

As the barn comes into view it’s made abundantly clear that the ranch is essentially like a blank canvas. A place where you can make it uniquely your own and no two events will be the same. 

The views are incredible throughout the daylight hours and as the sun’s glow dips beyond one of the distant hills the ranch comes to life with the sound of music and conversation celebrating its newest couple at the beginning of their legacy of love.


Ceremony Spaces and our Favorite Locations at Zaca Creek Ranch

Ceremony Space

At Zaca Creek Ranch there are multiple places you can choose to have your ceremony held. One option is to have your altar at the end of the lawn so the rolling hills are in the background of your first kiss. Another option is under a canopy of Oak trees near the barn that provides wonderful amounts of shade for those in attendance.

The Barn 

The immense size of the barn can accommodate banquet-style dinners and larger parties downstairs. And the rooms above can be used as a getting ready space for the bride and her bridesmaids.

Beautiful Views

The rolling hills and scattered Oak trees make for beautiful portraits in the grassland of California. In other areas of the ranch, mossy trees can add a variety of images to your gallery. And of course, wildlife and cattle are nearby for unique photos that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

The Wedding Tree

This large Oak tree with sprawling branches stretching into the sky and all around its base has been nicknamed “the wedding tree”. As the sun rises in the morning the rays of light bounce as if they’re dancing, between the branches and leaves. It’s a short drive from the main part of the venue and is perfect for bridal portraits if you’re in the area early enough. 


A Simple FAQ about Zaca Creek Ranch Weddings

Should we both get ready at Zaca Creek Ranch?

There is a smaller getting ready space above the barn and it is usually used by the bride and her bridesmaids. It is recommended that the groom already be dressed when he arrives at the ranch. 

What time should we schedule our ceremony to begin?

Because Zaca Creek Ranch is located among the hills the sun will set earlier than along the Santa Barbara coast, for instance. Although the ceremony spaces are near the tops of the hills on the property, we’d recommend having an earlier ceremony time around 4:00 or 5:00 pm depending on if you decide to do a first look. 

How long should we plan to take bride & groom portraits?

We’d encourage you to set aside about 30-45 minutes for your portraits. Usually, we recommend this time to begin about one hour before sunset when the light is more golden and glowy. 

Where should we plan for our first look?

There are many beautiful locations around the property for your first look. One of the favorites is the wedding tree located near the back of the property. The wedding tree is a large oak tree with enormous branches that run a few feet off the ground and stretch far into the sky. 

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