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The Signature JS Wedding Experience

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what to expect with someone before investing thousands of dollars on a service they provide? Some kind of idea that would let you know if you’re making the right decision for you. Because when you’re planning a wedding – something you only want to do once, wouldn’t it be nice to know you were getting exactly what you want. 

In the next few paragraphs, we’re going to tell you what to expect working with us, how we work together and with you, and the way we’ll photograph you. We’re also going to be sharing some of the things past JS couples have said about their experience with us. Who better to tell you about the JS experience than those that have gone through it?

How We Work Together

We’re a husband and wife team and every wedding we’ve ever photographed has been together. We work together seamlessly to document each part of your day. All of the big moments you’ll be a part of and will remember well. And all of the small moments that you might not see, like your grandfather whispering into his wife’s ear something gushy about their wedding day 40+ years before. Or the way your new hubby smiles at you from across the room. Or when your sister almost cries when she sees you walking down the aisle – with your dad who’s crying almost as hard as your groom.

How We’ll Work With You

We’re strong believers in creating an experience that people will rave about. When our couples think of their wedding day and the role we had in it, we want them to feel loved and appreciated. Your wedding day is going to be an incredible moment in your life. But when it really comes down to it, it’s going to be a very small portion of your life. Just one day. That’s why we believe it’s so important to savor every moment of your wedding day. We promise to guide you to be present on your wedding day so you’ll be able to experience the celebration more deeply than you ever thought possible. 

The Way We’ll Photograph You

One of our favorite things is surprising our couples with how amazing they end up looking in their photos. For part of the day, we guide our couples with gentle direction into poses that look natural and flattering. For the remainder of the wedding day, we take a more photojournalistic approach and let the emotions and natural events of the day unfold without any guidance. We’ve found that having a mixture of both posed and more documentary style photos is the best way to tell the full story of your wedding day in a way that will remind you not only of how the day looked, but how it felt.

Messages From Our Past JS Couples

We believe our couple’s experience for one of the best days of their lives needs to be memorable and joyful. And at the end of it, you need to feel like we know you well. Well enough to receive an invite to your wedding if we weren’t your photographers. We want to feel like old college friends or people you enjoy being around and can see being friends with for the coming years. Our goal is not to replace your best friends, but to make your loved ones think we’ve been friends forever.

So, who better to tell you about the experience you can have, than the JS couples who have already had it?


“It’s in the tough times where we see what people are made of, and in the midst of it all, we sensed from Jocelyn and Spencer such joy and calm, a genuine care for us, and a love for what they do and for each other.” – Erica & Gideon


I look through my photos every single day and am mesmerized at the moments they captured. These photos will forever be apart of us and I have Jocelyn and Spencer to thank for them.” – Bella & Omid


“Jocelyn and Spencer are very talented at what they do. They are genuine and authentic in their interactions with you and each other. Hands down the best experience throughout the wedding planning process, the day of, and after. Do not even consider anyone else.” – Elizabeth & Michael


“If you’re looking for a fun, energetic couple and high-quality photos, we definitely recommend going with Jocelyn & Spencer.” – Ellie & Anthony


“I hate to sound cliche, but Jocelyn and Spencer made all of our photography dreams come true.  We have not just a few but so many wonderful photos that I know we will cherish forever. On the day of the wedding, they were organized, thoughtful, and went beyond any expectations that we could have had.” Angela & Kevan


“I was so impressed with how seamlessly they worked together to capture every moment perfectly.” – Woodland Events


Even our family and friends fell in love. Everyone that talked with J&S told us they thought not only that they were friends of our from college but wonderful people!” – Lauren & Scott


“When Jocelyn and Spencer photograph me, I can be myself, and know they’ll capture the amazing love I have for my husband (and make me look really good, too!). My husband was being really mushy and whispering to me little romantic things all day. I felt unabridged joy, happiness, and love. And when I look back at our wedding photographs, those feelings and moments were captured perfectly. It brings all those feelings back and we are so lucky to get to relive the day over and over whenever we want!” – Kat & Brett


We’re Excited to Meet You

We’re looking forward to meeting with you and learning about the vision you have for your wedding day! If you’d like to read more about how we serve our couples before we meet, check out our experience page.

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