Santa Barbara Micro-Wedding Venues

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Santa Barbara Micro-Wedding Venues

This is a list of Santa Barbara micro-wedding venues that offer smaller and more intimate collections for couples that want to celebrate their wedding during Covid-19. We’ve reached out to some of our favorite venues in the area to get the most up-to-date information about their offerings. If you’d like to celebrate your wedding in the near future, then this post is for you. And if you’re in the midst of wedding planning and you’re on the search for a winery, vineyard, ranch, or garden-style venue, then we hope you enjoy this list of some of our favorites!

Santa Barbara Micro-Wedding Venues

Hidden Oaks Ranch is one of a few Santa Barbara Micro-Wedding Venues offering intimate collections during Covid-19.The lounge, ceremony space, and reception area for Santa Barbara Micro-Weddings at Hidden Oaks Ranch A bride in front of a floral arch that was used as the backdrop to her ceremony altar at one of the Santa Barbara Micro-Wedding Venues.

Hidden Oaks Ranch

Weddings and events at Hidden Oaks Ranch are private and peaceful. The property offers incredible views of the mountains and a glimpse of the ocean. There is also a beautiful clubhouse on the property with multiple bedrooms and lots of natural light for gorgeous detail and getting ready photos. This venue is an ideal location for couples that want to spend time with their guests before and after their ceremony.

Hidden Oaks Ranch is offering ceremony-only options at their property. These can take place under one of the large trees near the pool on their property, or in another area of the beautifully landscaped backyard. The venue is also offering micro-weddings and mini celebrations if you rent the house. The rental fee is $2500 a night with a two-night minimum and there is a discounted rate for weeknights. This rate includes the set-up and break down of in-house rentals of Tuscan x back chairs, tables, and heaters. And there is no additional site fee. To see a styled micro-wedding at Hidden Oaks Ranch click here.

The bridal suite and other areas outside the Santa Barbara Historical Museum

The Santa Barbara Historical Museum

The historical museum is located near State Street in downtown Santa Barbara. It is a beautiful gardenesque venue with two adjoining courtyards accented with water fountains. Outer walls surround both courtyards so your event will be out of sight to those walking around downtown.

And each courtyard is incredibly spacious so adhering to local guidelines regarding Covid-19 shouldn’t be a problem. The area has both native and exotic plants which offer a unique ambiance to your celebration. One of our favorite parts of this venue is the terrace. Vines cover the structure from top to bottom and drape across the arches.

There are a couple of options if you decide to rent the Santa Barbara Historical Museum for your ceremony or an intimate elopement. The Ceremony Only option allows the use of the courtyards, terrace, and the bridal room for up to 8 hours with 100 guests or fewer. The investment is $2000 for Monday thru Thursday, $3000 for Saturday, and $2500 for Friday and Sundays.

The elopement option is for a smaller gathering that will take place within three months. This option allows the use of the courtyard and the bridal room for a minimum of four hours between 12-5 pm. With this option, you can bring 10 or fewer guests to celebrate with you. The investment is $500 for Monday thru Friday and $1000 for Saturday and Sundays.

A bride and groom on their wedding day at one of Santa Barbara Micro-Wedding Venues A couple sharing a special moment on their wedding day at the vineyards.

Roblar Winery & Vineyards 

The Roblar Winery and Vineyards is located in the majestic Santa Ynez Valley, roughly 40 minutes from Santa Barbara. This location has so many beautiful and wonderful areas, but our favorite is the ceremony space. The Roblar Winery has one of the most picturesque ceremony spaces in the entire area. The altar can be set up between two large oak trees that open into the vineyards beyond. And since the construction just finished on their new winery building it only adds to the beauty of the property.

There are two micro-wedding packages offered by Roblar Winery. The main difference between the two is the time the event starts and ends. The first package is a daytime-only collection available between 11-5 pm. The investment is $250 per hour for a minimum of 3 hours. There is also a menu and wine fee per guest of $35 and $25 respectively. 

The second package is an evening-only collection and allows you and your guests to enjoy dinner by the stone fireplace. The investment is $500 per hour with a 4 hour minimum available from 5-10 pm. There is also a menu and wine fee per guest of $65 and $25 respectively.

Whispering Rose Ranch

About 45 minutes north of Santa Barbara just a few miles from the town of Solvang, Whispering Rose Ranch sits a few hundred yards from the main road. A long driveway to the parking area begins once you pass through a gate held up by two tall white brick pillars. As you drive along a gated pasture with horses on one side you’ll turn onto Sycamore lane, one of the spaces reserved for receptions. Currently, weddings of up to 100 people can be hosted in Sycamore Lane. As long as guests meet the social distance requirement, and as long as the county allows.

One of the unique features of Whispering Rose Ranch is that it is a working ranch so there are horses and other cattle scattered throughout the property. However, there is one barn that is kept clean and reserved for weddings. Under normal circumstances, the Covered Barn can host up to 300 guests. But even now, this allows for plenty of space for guests to socially distance themselves.

Another location accessible to the couple getting married is the Mountain Vista location. This space is near the house at the highest hill on the property. Large wooden doors imported from Europe years ago open to the backyard where there is a water fountain that overlooks the entire ranch. A 120-year-old stone cottage is also available for the bride to get ready. A salon-type getting ready space is available for the groom as well.

The ranch suggests couples that choose to celebrate with a micro-wedding this year also book an event for next year. This way they can celebrate their anniversary at a larger event where all of their family and friends can celebrate with them.

San Ysidro Ranch is a beautiful Santa Barbara Micro-Wedding Venue

San Ysidro Ranch

San Ysidro Ranch is one of Montecito’s best-kept secrets. The property is located above Montecito’s city center. And at almost the base of the mountains that tower above the coastal city of Santa Barbara. In the past, this historic destination hosted some of Hollywood’s most famous stars of their time. Stars including, Lucille Ball, Audrey Hepburn, Bing Crosby, and Fred Astaire.

As one of our favorite Santa Barbara micro-wedding venues, the San Ysidro Ranch is set apart by its natural beauty and impeccable landscaping. This venue has a gorgeous lavender field, a garden filled with rows of roses, and a beautiful garden arch that can be used for ceremonies. There are also multiple spaces available for rehearsal dinners and when allowed, receptions.

Foxen Canyon is another of our favorite Santa Barbara Micro-Wedding Venues

Foxen Canyon Ranch

Foxen Canyon Ranch is a new venue located in Los Olivos wine country. However, we’ve included it in our list of Santa Barbara micro-wedding venues because it’s just too wonderful to leave out. Upon arriving at the venue, guests are greeted by beautiful landscaping and a clean white barn with black accents. Inside the barn is an abundance of space and light. A few stairs separate the two levels and allows the planner to make creative design decisions. Located on the other side of the barn, still undercover, is a built-in bar. Three gas fireplaces are thoughtfully placed around the barn encouraging conversation and warmth for the cool spring and summer evenings. Additionally, there are also getting ready spaces available for sides of the couple. 

However, an incredible venue design is not the only thing Foxen Canyon Ranch does well. One of the best parts of the venue is the view from the tops of the surrounding hills. A short drive leads to the highest peaks of the property where you can see vineyards, mountains, the celebrations below. These views will make for beautiful wedding photos unlike any other venue around.

Santa Barbara Micro-Wedding Venues

* This list of Santa Barbara micro-wedding venues will continue to be updated as we learn of more ceremony-only options or intimate elopement-style collections.

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