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The Roblar Winery | Santa Ynez Wedding Venue

Just outside the small town of Los Olivos and located among the rolling hills of the Santa Ynez Valley, the Roblar Winery is one of the most beautiful vineyards to host your wedding. Each location has something special and unique that can be used to make your day truly yours. And almost everything is accessible for all of your young and older guests. Your Roblar Winery wedding will be a day to remember surrounded by all of your loved ones at a gorgeous property celebrating the day your marriage began.

The Bridal Suite at your Roblar Winery Wedding

There is a small dressing room for the bride to get ready and make any final touches before seeing her fiancé for the first time or before walking down the aisle. Although this space is available, we’d recommend reserving a hotel room or Airbnb with lots of natural light. Just a few miles away, Los Olivos is a wonderful location for out-of-town guests and can be the perfect place to get ready.

Ceremony Space

Your Roblar Winery wedding ceremony can be held behind the winery at Twin Oak Terrace. This beautiful ceremony space is under two incredible oak trees and offers a gorgeous backdrop of the vineyards beyond. The two large oaks offer an abundance of shade which is wonderful for summer and fall weddings when the sun is shining above. Additionally, the ground in this space is made from decomposite granite, so setting up and wearing heels should be easy and carefree. 


Cocktail Hour at the Roblar Winery

Cocktail hour at your Roblar Winery wedding is held on the Twin Oak Terrace with gorgeous views of the vineyards. The space is beautifully landscaped and there is plenty of room to mingle with your loved ones.

Santa Ynez Wedding Venue Reception on the Main Lawn

Roblar Winery has one of the best reception areas in the Santa Ynez Valley. At this venue, receptions take place on the main lawn where the grass is always lush and green, and stringed lights hang just overhead giving off a romantic atmosphere to a beautiful day.

Dancing at the Roblar Winery

The majority of dancing at your Roblar Winery wedding will need to be inside the main building. The winery enjoys the events it has and tries its best to be considerate of its neighbors, and this is one way it does that. So, all amplified music needs to be inside which works out perfectly because you won’t need to bring in or build a dance floor. The strong concrete inside the building is level and perfect for all of the dancing happening on your wedding day.

Wisteria Pergola

The Wisteria Pergola is a gorgeous addition to the Roblar Winery. This section of the venue is where many of the wine tastings available each day on the property occur. However, the two spaces are fairly private and as your wedding day continues into the evening the tastings conclude and you and your guests can venture into this area uninhabited. The beautiful fountain and stone fireplace are two signature pieces the venue is known for. 

Your First Portraits as a Married Couple at the Roblar Winery

There are so many gorgeous locations for your first portraits as a married couple at the Roblar Winery. Some of our favorites are in the vineyards among the rows of vines and under the large oak trees that are scattered throughout the Santa Ynez wedding venue. The way the evening sun’s rays come through the leaves of the oak trees perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to have a Southern California wedding day at a winery. Additionally, the immaculate landscaping around the venue will add so much dimension and variety to your final gallery. 

Rules and Regulations for The Roblar Winery

The Roblar Winery does have a preferred vendor list for weddings at the property and would love to share this information with you upon your request.

  • Certified Wedding Planner
  • Contract
  • Deposit Amount/ Percentage
  • Reservation with Credit Card
  • Event Insurance
  • Shuttle Services
  • Same day load in and load out

Additional Details to keep in mind for a Roblar Winery Wedding

The Roblar Winery provides the following items, however, additional rentals may be needed, based on time of day and menu selections.

  • Tables
  • Catering
  • Event lighting in Courtyard, Main Lawn, and Wisteria Pergola
  • Dimming lights in Bottle Room
  • Exterior Sconces on Winery buildings

Rental Fees for a Roblar Winery Wedding*

$10,000 Facility Fee**

$85 per person Catering Minimum

$25 per person Wine Minimum

  • *This information can change without notice at the discretion of the Roblar Winery
  • ** 50% of the venue fee is used as the non-refundable deposit that secures your wedding date.

Availability at the Roblar Winery

The Roblar Winery only allows one event per day and is consistently booked many months in advance. Additionally, the winery is open seven days a week for wine tasting. If you are interested in having a Roblar Winery wedding it is recommended that you contact Paige to discuss availability. 

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The information on this page may not always be up to date or accurate. Although we strive to make sure it is, the final decision is that of the Roblar Winery.

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