Is a Wedding Album Worth the Investment?

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Should I Invest in a Wedding Album?

Occasionally we’re asked, is a wedding album worth the investment? And of course, as photographers, we do have some bias on the subject, but we’ll do our best to set our bias aside and to only talk facts. So if you’re wondering, is a wedding album worth the investment, we would encourage you to ask yourself a couple of questions. First, what do I plan to do with my wedding photos after my wedding? Second, what is an accurate portrayal of one of the best days of my life worth? A wedding album is so much more than a book with some images in it. It’s a window into your memories for you and all of the generations that come after you. 

How Will Your Story be Told?

Each and every wedding is different. There will be so many special and memorable moments that will make your day unique to you. We have a process for each wedding album we design. And at the heart of this process is choosing the best photos of the day from the eyes of someone who saw each part of your day unfold. To tell the full story. So someone looking at your album 30 years from now will feel like they were there – helping you get ready, standing just out of sight during your first look, and enjoying all of the laughter, conversations, and abundant joy.

Your Wedding is One Day of Your Life. Your Wedding Album Tells Your Story. It’s an Heirloom to Pass on. It’s A Part of Your Legacy.

Technology is constantly changing

The last thing we’d want for you and your wedding photos is to stay on a hard drive or in a cloud somewhere. A wedding album gives you a physical version of your photos. A book you can touch, hold and feel. Now don’t get us wrong, we love taking photos on our phones and occasionally we go back through our photos to see them and remember all the good times. But it’s very occasionally. Almost never, if we’re being honest. Because at some point going through thousands of photos feels more like a chore than something we’d enjoy doing. Even with all the happy and fond memories, that would rush back to us. 

A wedding album is a great way to showcase your wedding day. And if you display yours the same we way do, on our coffee table, you’ll be flipping through it often and even better, when friends and family visit you’ll get to reminisce and relive one of the best days of your life all over again.

Quality and a Professional Album

We heard a startling statistic that just broke our hearts. 80% of couples who choose to create their own album after their wedding never finish it. Only 20% actually have some kind of album and typically it doesn’t last as long as it should. A professional album will be durable, strong, and built to last – just like your marriage. You don’t have to invest in a wedding album with us, but please invest in one.

You’ve just spent so much time and money planning an event that should be remembered for years to come. Why at this point, so close to the finish line would you just stop? Your wedding photos, the first day of your marriage, the beginning of your legacy of love, need to be remembered and treasured now and fifty years later.

So if you were to ask us, is a wedding album worth the investment? Our answer is yes, one thousand times yes. A wedding is the perfect ending to a perfect wedding. If you’d like to see how our albums are made, and even a sample video of one of our couple’s albums, check them out here.

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