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What To Wear For Your Engagement Session

Wondering What To Wear For Your Engagement Session?

He asked, you said yes, and now look at you two! You’re officially fiancés! And you know the best way to celebrate? With an engagement session! Hmmm… but what should you wear? Don’t stress, girl! We’ve got some tips for you on what to wear for your engagement session!

There's no such thing as too dressed up for your engagement session in Santa Barbara California

There’s No Such Thing As Too Dressed Up

This is KEY. The number one thing that takes your photos from ordinary to WOW! A nice flowy dress or skirt, with his tailored suit and you two, will look incredible! Think about this. How many times do you get your photos taken professionally as a couple? And as fiancés? Trust us. It’s worth it to put in the effort to get all dressed up and show each other off!

Wondering Wear For Your Engagement Session?

Bring An Extra Outfit

When planning what to wear for your engagement session, we recommend having an outfit that is similar to something you would wear to a date night, and then another more elegant evening outfit. Something timeless and classy will always be a great option!

Getting your hair and makeup done is a great way to pamper yourself before your engagement session.

Get Your Hair And Makeup Done

Take a break from all that wedding planning, and give yourself permission to pamper yourself! There are so many beautiful natural makeup styles that look absolutely stunning when photographed. And I don’t know about you, but we always feel so much more confident after our hair has been handled by the pros! It’s okay if you don’t typically get your hair and makeup done. There are so many options to choose from, and you’ll be able to find something that suits you, while still adding a little something special to your engagement photos!

A long flowy dress is a great idea for What To Wear For Your Engagement Session in Santa Barbara California

Color Coordinate

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to “match”. When tying together your outfit with his, your outfits will look most cohesive on camera if the color palettes coordinate. Sometimes all it takes is a nice statement necklace, or bowtie to tie it all together. Most of our JS Brides will choose their outfits first and then tie in their grooms.

Make sure to bring a second pair of shoes for walking in between locations if you're planning an adventurous engagement session.

Bring An Extra Pair Of Shoes

These don’t need to be fancy! Some of our favorite locations require a short walk from one area to the next. That might be a trail from the parking area to the actual location or an uneven trail down to the beach. Either way, we recommend bringing a pair of slip-on shoes that are easy to walk into your engagement session as a backup. Especially if you’re concerned about your nicer shoes getting dusty, sandy, or muddy!

A flower crown is a great prop to bring to your session and can help you decided What To Wear For Your Engagement Session

Look Into Props

Props are wonderful! A fresh bouquet of flowers from a local shop, a flower crown, or even a little sign/banner will be a lovely addition to what you choose to wear to your engagement session! It’ll add variety to your gallery and give some of your images a more editorial look.

A couple smiling at each other with eyes closed and foreheads touching in Santa Barbara California.

Pinterest Board Of Inspiration

We’re sending you to our Pinterest board full of inspiration through this link here! Off you go!

A couple at the Bacara, one of our favorite Santa Barbara Engagement Session Locations


Confidence Is Key

We hope that the steps above will help to not only eliminate any nerves about what to wear for your engagement session but also set you up to feel confident and comfortable at your engagement session. Sometimes being in front of the camera can be a bit intimidating. So taking some time to find those amazing outfits, setting up some appointments, and looking into prop ideas will help set you up for success!

A couple moving their heads towards each other for a kiss while the ocean's waves crash behind them.

Pick The Right Location 

Make sure to think about your favorite types of places to go together. Think of any unique locations that you have special access to, but most people don’t. And work with your photographers to find a location that they feel confident about. If you’re looking for an engagement session location in Santa Barbara, we’ve got a list of places we recommend!


Stuck Trying to Figure Out What to Wear to Your Engagement Session?

If you’re still shopping around we’d encourage you to look for our dress trifecta (as we like to call it) we always recommend dresses and skirts that are long, flowy (because they look amazing in the wind) and for the top to have a 3/4 length sleeve. It’s not an easy search, but we always find it to be the most flattering in photos! If you can’t find anything locally, here’s another post we wrote about our favorite stores to buy dresses for engagement sessions.

And if you’re totally stuck trying to figure out what to wear, send us an email, we’re happy to help you find something! Happy shopping!

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