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Tips For Your Wedding Invitations

Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations though small in size are a huge part of the wedding planning process. You’ll need to send them out so that all of your family and friends know when and where to arrive for your wedding! Whether you order them through a website like Minted/Basic Invite or hire a stationery pro, you’ll enjoy these tips to make sure your invites are perfect!

Green and black Wedding Invitations with the bride's engagement ring and wedding band in a green ring box.

Essential Text

1. Full names

2. Indicate the event is a wedding

3. Date of wedding

4. Time of the ceremony or when your guests are first expected

5. Include text about the reception to follow and the location if different from your ceremony location

6. Venue & City – include the address of your venue if it’s not in a well-visited area.

7. Optional – The dress code for your wedding. However, this can also be placed on a wedding website

The couples Wedding Invitations surrounded by red and pink bougainvillea and light pink lace. A second image of an invitation with pink lace and a deep green ring box.

Double-Check the Writing

This might seem obvious, but it is SO important! When we were designing invitations for our own wedding we each read over them but we still made a spelling mistake. We chalked it up to all of our excitement, but we still had to have our wedding invitations reprinted. 

So remember to double-check the writing, and then maybe even ask your maid of honor, or another trusted bridesmaid, friend, or family member to proofread your wedding invitations too!

The couples Wedding Invitations with a pink peony, pink lace, and a green ring box with the bride's engagement ring and wedding band.

Make It Easy For Guests To RSVP

This will help so much when you’re trying to plan the seating chart or get the official numbers for your caterers. Your guests will also love you because you made it easy for them! And who doesn’t like easy? Provide instructions that tell them how to RSVP online, or include a pre-addressed envelope and postage for them to return their RSVP to you.

The green ring box with rings in it next to Baby's Breath. And a second image of the couple's Wedding Invitation and RSVP card surrounded by red and pink bougainvillea.

When To Mail Wedding Invitations

For local weddings or weddings that don’t require a lot of travel for your guests, mail out your invitations six to eight weeks prior to your day. Destination weddings will need more time so send them closer to eight to ten weeks in advance.

The couple's Wedding Invitations surrounded by red and pink bougainvillea.

Order Extra Wedding Invitations

This may seem counterproductive or even obvious, but we recommend ordering a few extra wedding invitations. We never know what the future holds. Something might happen to a few, like a coffee spill while addressing envelopes, or you might want to send a few more invitations out to a couple more guests. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and ordering extra invitations is a simple and quick way to ensure you’re ready for anything!

A close up of the bride's engagement ring and a second image of a couple's wedding stationery.

Go Pro For Addressing

If you have the budget to hire a professional stationery designer or calligrapher, we would encourage you to do it. Your invitations will look so beautiful, more consistent, and legible. Plus, they will look incredible for your photos!

The bride's engagement ring sitting on top of her wedding band place diagonally on the Wedding Invitations with flowers behind and pink lace in the foreground.

Detail Photographs 

Many photographers love to photograph your details and this absolutely includes your stationery. Photos of your details will also provide an editorial element to your gallery/album which will look beautiful when viewing the full story of your day.

The bride's rings placed diagonally on the Wedding Invitations and a second image of the ring box with rings next to Baby's breath.The couple's Wedding Invitations with the green ring box lid and bottom piece holding her rings.The couple had extra details to use with their Wedding Invitations including their rings, her hair piece, earrings, and white lace.The couples Wedding Invitations surrounded by pink and red bougainvillea


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