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Santa Barbara Courthouse Engagement

Erica & Gideon | Santa Barbara Courthouse Engagement

The sun was still high in the cloudless sky above the Santa Barbara Courthouse. Tourists walked along the sidewalks and property slowly, with phones in hand taking photos of the American Riviera architecture. Under the large archway, well-dressed guests engage in excited chatter eagerly waiting for the start of a wedding ceremony. The same archway that invites all into the beautifully landscaped Sunken Gardens of this historic building. It was under that same archway that we waited. Not for today’s bride and groom, but for another bride and groom’s Santa Barbara engagement session.

We wish you two the very best and all the adventures that life has to offer!

This would be our first time meeting these two fiancés. And they saw us before we saw them. Impeccably dressed, Erica & Gideon blended in so well with the guests of the wedding our eyes passed over them not wanting to be caught staring. We never try to be the type of people that put a lot of weight behind looks, but when these two walked towards us we hope our jaws were only dropping in our minds and not on our faces. Erica was dressed in a beautifully patterned and multi-layered dress with some of the most gorgeous black heels we’ve ever seen. Gideon’s outfit complemented his fiancé’s like no other outfit could. A deep blue three-piece suit perfectly tailored and complete with black leather shoes. Like we said before, and we’ll say it again, just impeccable.

Erica & Gideon, you two are so well matched. We can imagine the way you both carefully care and provide for each other and it makes our hearts full. Erica, the love you have for Gideon is shared so clearly in your eyes when you’re looking at your man. And Gideon, we can tell you’ll never lose the ability to bring joy to your almost-wife. We’re sure her laugh is louder and more vibrant when you’re the one making it happen. We wish you two the very best and all the adventures that life has to offer!

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