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Choosing Your Wedding Style

Choosing Your Wedding Style | Five Tips

Trying to decide what the style or theme of your wedding day will be can be difficult. Let’s face it, planning a wedding is a huge undertaking, even if at the end of it you have a beautiful day and a wonderful new spouse to remember it by. We want to encourage you that once you decide a few things in the beginning stages of planning, everything else starts to come together a lot easier. One of those first decisions is deciding what you want your wedding to look like. So, we’ve written five tips to help you when choosing your wedding style. We hope they are helpful to you!

Choosing your venue will help a ton when choosing your wedding style.

Consider Your Venue

Your venue will probably have the most impact when choosing your wedding style. Do you want to plan you

r wedding for the country, the beach, a ballroom, or at a private estate? Choosing the location of your wedding will help you decide what kind of decor will work for you, or against you for the rest of your planning. 

If you’re thinking of having a garden or estate style wedding and haven’t been able to find the venue that feels just right, check out our post about garden wedding venues near Santa Barbara. You might just find the perfect venue!

Be true to yourself when choosing your wedding style

Be True to Yourself

Some of our favorite weddings we’ve photographed had a special decoration that was unique to the couple. Whether it’s something that ties the menus together on each guest’s plate. Or a special name tag at their place setting. These small things can add wonders to your wedding. Choose the theme of your wedding so that it can represent you both well. If you look being outside and in nature, maybe a garden-themed wedding is perfect for you!

When choosing your wedding style make sure to consider the weather of the season your date is planned for.

Consider the Season

When choosing your wedding style you’ll want to consider the season your date is in. If you’re planning a spring wedding, traditionally, your theme will include brighter colors and lots of greenery, whereas, a winter wedding traditionally has darker colors. If you’re uncertain, white florals with lots of greenery is always a gorgeous option, that can also end up being fairly cost-effective.

A bride standing with her back to the camera as she looks at her ceremony altar.

Also, depending on the season, consider if it will make it more difficult for guests to be there to celebrate with you. For example, a simple reminder to bring medicine for allergies during your spring garden wedding could be life-changing!

The groom kissing his wife while they sit on a couch together. Additional decor like furniture is a great way to make your wedding truly unique. Consider renting some furniture when choosing your wedding style.

Stay Away From Trends 

One thing to remember when you’re planning is that something trendy now probably won’t be in a few years. Trends come and go, but your wedding photos will last forever. Every season there’s a new hot trend for weddings. But that’s the thing with trends, it’s new and hot for a minute. Then it’s gone. Most importantly, follow the style that represents you well and makes you both the happiest.

Lauren & Scott decided they wanted their event held at a ranch in San Luis Obispo.

Choose What Makes You Happy

This may be the most important tip on the list. When choosing a wedding style choose what makes you happy. The planning is important and of course, you want a gorgeous wedding day, but I would imagine and want an even more beautiful marriage. So, don’t forget to take a break every now and then to recharge. And if you get stuck or want to pass the planning apse off to someone else, there are some incredible wedding planners in the area and we would be more than happy to connect you with them!

Casi & Jimmy sharing a dance next to the poolside with the mountains of Santa Barbara in the background.

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