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Becoming the Johnsons | Part Four

The Fourth and Final Part of Our Story The drive home from Eugene was full of phone calls and congratulations to the largest announcement in the relationship yet. Jocelyn & Spencer are engaged! After having dated for nearly four years, they didn’t want to wait much longer to begin their newest adventure. So, they chose […]


Becoming the Johnsons | Part Three

The Third Part of Our Story Although Jocelyn & Spencer came to be known as the inseparable best friends who spent every waking minute with each other, now it was true. They were stuck together, hand in hand. Whether it was walking to class or sitting next to each other, they were holding hands. Which […]


Becoming the Johnsons | Part Two

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers, Jocelyn & Spencer, share the story of how they became the Johnsons

The Second Part of Our Story Business Calc proved to be a worthy opponent for Jocelyn & Spencer, so they ended up spending a lot more time together than they originally planned. Classes continued and the homework didn’t let up. In fact, it got more difficult and started to take more time. So, they started […]


Becoming the Johnsons | Part One

Jocelyn & Spencer, Santa Barbara Wedding Photographers share their story of becoming the Johnsons

The First Part of Our Story It was the end of summer 2012 in a small town in California. She was lounging by the pool enjoying a fudgesicle and thinking about her next year at the University of Oregon. She would be going back to the currently vacant town of Eugene in a week to […]


Festival of Balloons

Festival of Balloons hot air balloon

Today was the first day in a few weeks that we didn’t let the sun catch us in bed. That’s right, this morning we woke up and were out of the house before the sun rose. The very next morning after shooting a beautiful wedding at the Evergreen Chapel in McMinnville, we were up bright […]


Hiking Yosemite with Friends

Life with J&S After we graduated college we moved to where the jobs were. And of course, our friends did the exact same thing. It was a huge life change for the first few weeks. Not only because we were in a new place, but also because we could no longer see our friends every […]

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