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Whispering Rose Ranch Engagement

Sofia & Joey standing next to the fountain during their Whispering Rose Ranch Engagement session in Santa Barbara County

Sofia & Joey | Whispering Rose Ranch Engagement Imagine this. White brick walls holding two large metal gates. A white brick divider between them covered in vines and roses. The push of a button and the gate opens. A long driveway with one way in and one way out. Tall trees bursting with new growth. […]


Alice Keck Garden Engagement

Sarah & Myles during their Alice Keck Garden Engagement

Sarah & Myles | Alice Keck Garden Engagement There’s something extra special about this couple. Something about their relationship that almost all of the population that gets married doesn’t have in common with them. Can you guess what it is? We’ll give you a minute… If you guessed high school sweethearts then you’d be right! […]


Ellwood Bluffs Engagement

Maddy & Brian standing in a field of yellow flowers during their Ellwood Bluffs engagement session

Maddy & Brian | Ellwood Bluffs Engagement It all started with a concert ticket. Maddy’s friends called her with the news that they’d bought her a ticket to see Cody Johnson (unfortunately we’re not related)! While they were at the concert one of Maddy’s friends told her she wanted to dance. So Maddy, being the […]


Alice Keck Park Engagement

The bride and groom to be standing in the gazebo during their Santa Barbara Courthouse and Alice Keck Park Engagement session.

Danielle & Ray | Alice Keck Park Engagement Santa Barbara has so many beautiful locations for engagement sessions. And every time we go to a new location that we haven’t been to before it always becomes our new favorite, and one that we’re dying to go back to. And that was the case with Danielle & Ray’s […]


Butterfly Beach Engagement

Emily smiling at the camera and Jerry smiling at her during their Butterfly Beach engagement session

Emily & Jerry | Butterfly Beach Engagement You could say it started because they both went to UCSB, although at different times. You could also say it’s because they fell in love with Santa Barbara, and decided they didn’t want to leave. But maybe it all started because they worked in the same building? Time […]


Magical Knapp’s Castle Engagement

Breanna & Peter during their magical Knapp's Castle engagement session

Breanna & Peter | Magical Knapp’s Castle Engagement We’re being very open with you guys when we share that when scheduling our engagement sessions with couples, we leave a little buffer room. We’re the *just in case* kind of people. Because we’re human too, and we know that the great natural light we love only […]


American Riviera Engagement

Angela & Kevan during their American Riviera Engagement Session

Angela & Kevan | American Riviera Engagement When you’re walking along State Street with a beautiful couple it’s easy to understand how Santa Barbara got its nickname, the American Riviera! Tucked between the mountains, and the sea, with beautiful architecture, a boardwalk, and all the sunshine! Angela and Kevan flew in from Utah to spend some […]


Hendry’s Beach Engagement Session

Macie & David during their Hendry's Beach Engagement Session

Macie & David | Hendry’s Beach Engagement It was an absolutely beautiful weekend here in Santa Barbara! We started it off with a beautiful wedding at the Historic Stow House, and finished it with a romantic engagement session! It was actually the first time this year that the temperature had gotten over 70 degrees! Which […]


Santa Barbara Harbor Engagement

Shannon & Gauthier | Santa Barbara Harbor We count our blessings every day that we’re able to do what we love while spending time with joyful and happy brides and grooms. Every once in a while we spend time with a couple that we feel actually revitalizes our own relationship. And spending time with Shannon & […]

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