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Becoming the Johnsons | Part Two

The Second Part of Our Story

Business Calc proved to be a worthy opponent for Jocelyn & Spencer, so they ended up spending a lot more time together than they originally planned. Classes continued and the homework didn’t let up. In fact, it got more difficult and started to take more time. So, they started to make excuses during their study sessions to get food, go for a walk to clear their heads, and other types of things that would keep them together. The more time they spent with each other the more they realized being study buddies for one math class just wasn’t enough. But the class was over and it was time for Winter Break. At a large school like the University of Oregon, was it even possible that they would be placed in the same class again?

Winter Break

Jocelyn flew back to sunny California while Spencer made the drive over the mountains back to the snowy desert of Bend, Oregon. During their three weeks apart they texted frequently and sent a lot of photos over Snapchat – of course, this was back when it was still pretty new. Throughout this time, Spencer realized that he had feelings for his best friend. And although they had only been apart for a week or two he missed her and wanted to hear her voice. So, he gave her a call. It was the first time they’d actually talked on the phone to each other, and in an hour they were able to cover lots of topics, but probably the most important, how close their apartments would be to each other next year.

It was around the third week of their break that they received an email from the college with their new class schedules. Unfortunately for business school students at the University of Oregon, they are required to pass two business calc classes. Fortunately, for Jocelyn & Spencer, they were placed with the same teacher which meant round two of being study buddies.

Back to School and Taking a Risk

Finally, it was time to head back to the U of O to start the next quarter. Spencer packed everything he was taking into his truck and started the drive back to school as Jocelyn boarded a plane to fly to Eugene.

Not long after starting classes again, Spencer realized that spending time with Jocelyn was pretty much the only thing he wanted to do. So, he began the chase. He’d encourage longer walks, more study time (not studying), and much later bedtimes. He was desperately trying to think of and do anything that would keep her with him for just a little bit longer each day.

Finally, their friendship hit that point. The point, or decision that every couple that started off as friends has hit. Do you risk the incredible friendship for something more?

The First Date

At the time, Spencer was one of the few students with a car near the college campus. This of course meant that a date could be somewhat adventurous. Knowing Jocelyn’s love for the ocean he planned a trip to the Oregon coast. Early on a weekend morning, they loaded the truck and took off for the water. Once arriving, they didn’t stop in the parking lot, but drove straight onto the sand dunes and over the crest which revealed the ocean and coastline below them.

They drove along the coastline, occasionally stopping to get out and walk around while looking for shells. They talked about what they wanted to do after graduating and where they wanted to live. How many kids they wanted and what their houses would look like. Eventually, the sun started to set which meant their first date was coming to a close. They turned the truck around and made their way back to the college.

It was obvious to those around them that they should have been dating for months before they actually started. Friends would joke about their wedding one day and Jocelyn would smile and Spencer would turn bright red. It may have taken a little longer, but they figured it out. And they were officially dating. Finally…

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