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Becoming the Johnsons | Part Three

The Third Part of Our Story

Although Jocelyn & Spencer came to be known as the inseparable best friends who spent every waking minute with each other, now it was true. They were stuck together, hand in hand. Whether it was walking to class or sitting next to each other, they were holding hands. Which came as a shock to Spencer. From the beginning, he’d told Jocelyn that he didn’t like holding hands with others. Something about needing his hands free in case he needed them. But the moment he felt how perfectly Jocelyn’s little hand felt in his, his mind was changed.

So much so that he developed a secret message by squeezing her hand. Spencer would squeeze her hand seven times and then he’d smile at her. Coincidentally, seven was Jocelyn’s favorite number so for a while she had no clue what he was really telling her was “I’m going to marry you one day.” One word for every time he’d gently squeeze her hand. It was his way of saying I like you and I want to keep you around. Although it was still early on in their dating relationship, it didn’t feel it.

A New Home

As the sophomore year of college was coming to an end it was decided that instead of going home to California, Jocelyn would move to Spencer’s hometown of Bend, Oregon for the summer to take a couple of college classes to get ahead for the next year at the University of Oregon. That summer in Bend was a mix of sightseeing, short road trips, and studying for classes. But more importantly, it was a summer of bonding between Jocelyn and Heather, Spencer’s mom.

Heather had only met Jocelyn once before she moved to her house, but as soon as Jocelyn stepped out it was like she was home. She was welcomed with a strong and full hug in the driveway of her home for the next three months. Heather was full of giddy excitement and pure joy while showing the couple around knowing that they would be living with her for the next three months.

Junior and Senior Years at the University of Oregon

It’s been said that time can rush forward in the blink of an eye. And that’s what happened in the last two years of their college careers. However, it was around this time that a pact was made in the final years of business school between Jocelyn & Spencer. A pact that turned what-if conversations into when it happens conversations. A pact that determined when they felt it would be appropriate for them to get married. As it happens, more and more conversations about marriage and life after college occurred and one thing was for certain. Both of them knew they had found the person they wanted to spend the rest of their life with.

New Beginnings

Fast forward one year and a couple of months after graduating from the business school at the University of Oregon. The couple had adopted two cats and were living in Portland, Oregon. She was a marketing consultant at a small firm and he was an accountant in the second tallest building in the city. Weekdays were spent trying to find more time to spend with each other after work, and weekends were reserved for time together. After three years of dating the amount of time they wanted to spend with each other never decreased. If anything their feelings grew stronger the more time they had to spend away from each other. That’s when he knew it was finally time.

The Proposal

A weekend trip was planned to visit the University of Oregon. He prepared a speech to be made at one of their favorite spots on campus. He planned to drop to one knee, share all the things he loved about her, and then ask her to marry him. Everything went wonderfully according to plan until he got down on one knee. The moment he pulled out the ring and looked up at her tears started down his face and his speech was immediately forgotten. Although words were spoken and his love was professed, it wasn’t as eloquently stated as he’d hoped. But it didn’t matter, because they were officially engaged. Two fiancés visiting the place they met, started dating and created so many memories. They spent the next few hours wandering around the campus reminiscing and telling stories all the while, holding hands.

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