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Becoming the Johnsons | Part One

The First Part of Our Story

It was the end of summer 2012 in a small town in California. She was lounging by the pool enjoying a fudgesicle and thinking about her next year at the University of Oregon. She would be going back to the currently vacant town of Eugene in a week to start her sophomore year. 

That same summer, but one state north in Oregon, he was working the last few days of his summer away before leaving for his first year at the home of the Ducks. He thought transferring to a new college was a good way to finally leave his hometown and he was ready for a new adventure.

College is about Spirit Animals?

It’s a strange feeling to be in a brand new place away from your parents for the first time. It’s also a powerful and terrifying feeling at the same time. Thankfully the RA in the dorms planned an ice breaker (cue the eye rolls, groans of pain, and insanely awkward conversations), and one of the questions was what is your spirit animal? 

Student after student answered the questions and followed up with their spirit animal. Cat… buffalo… elephant… the anxiety of having to tell a group of students you’d never met a thing you’d never thought of was starting to set in. Dog… bird… bunny… Counting the number of people in front of them desperately wishing they had already had their turn. Sheep… hippo… She said dolphin, her favorite. That’s unique. Rehearsing his answers before speaking them aloud. Just say fox. It’s true after all. Shark… fox… uhhh, duck… He said duck. At the U of O he panicked and said the mascot. On his first interaction with other students that’s what he came up with. A couple of awkward laughs. But she remembered seeing him blush from across the room.

Study Buddies to Friends

It wasn’t long after starting at the University of Oregon that Spencer knew he would need some help if he intended to pass his classes. After all, community college classes and University classes can be very different. And with goals like moving to New York and becoming a powerful high executive accountant, he needed to pass those classes and get those grades.

That’s when it happened. After they had seen each other around the dorms and in their business calc class a couple of times he decided to make the first contact. He asked if she was in the same class and if she was indeed the person he thought she was because you know, you have to be sure first. But he was sure.

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