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Bridal Shower Brunch Invitations & Wedding Stationery

If you’ve been following us for a while then you know we LOVE details! Save the dates, invitations, rings (all the jewelry, let’s be honest), special heirloom pieces, we love it all. But our hearts soar when we see professional quality invitations that have a beautiful design! When Basic Invite asked us to partner with them for this blog post, we were SO excited! Even just practicing our detail game gets us feeling good. So today we’re going to share some bridal shower brunch invitations and other wedding stationery we designed from Basic Invite. And of course, our thoughts through the whole process!


Designing Your Bridal Shower Brunch Invitations & Wedding Stationery

Basic Invite has a HUGE selection of wedding-related products. Save the dates, various invitations with tons of different themes (wedding and bridal shower brunch invitations are shown in this blog post), magnets, guest books, ceremony programs, place cards, the list continues for a while just for weddings!

The designing process is fun and simple! We enjoyed being able to search by size, color, orientation, and themes and there are a ton of templates to choose from under each category. Once we found a design we liked we were able to change different elements and colors to make it exactly what we wanted. With over 180 different color options there are so many possibilities and a design for everyone.


Custom Invitations and Shipping

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that will allow you to see a printed sample of your invitations. So, after you design your bridal shower brunch invitations you can order actual samples of what you created. We’re talking the real address of your venue, the real start time of your ceremony, and your real names, so you can see exactly what your invitations will look like for your wedding! How well they look printed, the quality of the paper. Everything.

The fun doesn’t stop after you’ve designed your own wedding stationery, because Basic Invite has thought of everything. There are over 40 different colors of envelopes to make your wedding stationery stand out! Because we all know how our hearts start beating a little faster when we see a colorful envelope in our mailboxes.

Basic Invite will deliver your complete order within 7-11 days. So when you’re ready to ship your order we recommend leaving a little extra time so they can get to you.


Your Wedding Website with Basic Invite

A wedding website is a great way to keep all of your wedding planning together in one place. They’re a fun way to share your love story and show off your engagement photos. You can even provide a map to your venue for your guests, as well as keep track of their RSVPs!

With almost 400 unique wedding website templates, Basic Invite gives you the opportunity to create a wedding website with rsvp capturing! After choosing a template you can customize your website choosing between 180 custom colors just like your wedding stationery. You’ll even be shown a matching wedding stationery suite so that you can keep a consistent theme throughout your website and stationery!

Our Experience

Overall, our experience was amazing! We have some quality bridal shower brunch invitations and wedding stationery and we would definitely recommend Basic Invite! The design process and creativity of the themes and unique color combinations had us sold from the start.

The couple's thank you cards that match their Basic Invite bridal shower brunch invitations.The bride's engagement ring on a succulent and the couple's details Two pink Peonies next to the couple's bridal shower brunch invitationsThe bride & groom's invitation suite and some florals with pink lace scattered about. The couple's bridal shower brunch invitations suite with blush lace and an emerald green ring boxThe bride's rings with florals. Pink Peonies and the couple's invitation suite.The bride and groom's invitation suite. Blush lace scattered around the couple's invitations The bride's rings surrounded by flowers and greenery. The bride's rings and invitation suite surrounded by florals and greenery. The couples bridal shower brunch invitations with Pink Peonies, Baby's Breath, blush lace and an emerald green ring box with the bride's engagement ring and wedding band. The couple's rings next to their invitations and lace.A close up of the couples rings. The couple's palm tree bridal shower brunch invitationsPink lace surrounding the bride's ring box and rings. A pink peony and bridal shower brunch invitations The couple's invitations and rings with pink lace scattered around. The couple's palm tree inspired bridal shower brunch invitations.bridal shower brunch invitations. Emerald green ring box with rings and Baby's Breath florals. The couple's bridal shower brunch invitations with blush lace. The couple's bridal shower brunch invitations and a close up of the bride's rings on her invitations. bridal shower brunch invitations with a pink peony and emerald green ring box. The couples bridal shower brunch invitations with blush lace and a ring box. A second image of the bride's rings on her invitations. A pink peony with blush lace scattered around bridal shower brunch invitations. bridal shower brunch invitations next to a close up photo of the bride's rings and ring box. A close up of the bride's rings on an emerald wedding box. A pink Peony and greenery next to a ring box and a second image of bridal shower brunch invitations with greenery and florals. Emerald green ring box with engagement ring and bride's wedding band next to some Baby's Breath flowers.bridal shower brunch invitations with a emerald green ring box and engagement ring and wedding band inside. As well as florals and greenery.


*Please note that while this post was sponsored by Basic Invite, the experience and opinions are all our own. However, we actually had fun customizing and photographing all of these products! Visit their website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter to start customizing your own bridal shower brunch invitations, and other unique wedding stationery!

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